Little Bit Tuition Aid Application

Little Bit utilizes FAST (Financial Aid for School Tuition) program to better support our tuition aid process and give families a better opportunity to represent their current circumstances. FAST will process tuition  aid applications, and Little Bit makes all decisions regarding who receives tuition assistance and how much. FAST is an online program that requires Internet access, an email account and a web browser. Once you have applied, your information will be used to determine if tuition aid will be granted.

Your application will be valid for one year beginning summer 2019 through spring 2020 sessions. If you only need to request tuition aid for one session, please inform Roxanne Corridan, Office Manager, at 425- 882-1554 x101 or at

  1. Go to the Financial Aid for School Tuition website by clicking on the link: FAST

  2. Click on Instructions; read thoroughly. If you are divorced, separated, widowed or unmarried go to the link under “Cautions” for special instructions.

  3. Click on the “Start Application” button. You will create an account using your email address and password. Once you’ve created an account, you may log in and out of the application as needed. The application is self-guided. FAST offers clear step-by-step instructions made available by using FAST’s Parent User Guide and Worksheet. Additionally, you may call FAST at 877-326-3278 or send an email to for assistance. The Help Center is available 24 hours/7 days per week.

  4. Complete, pay for and submit your application. Application fee is $45.00, payable by credit card. If you require a receipt, please contact FAST.

If you do not have a credit card, you can purchase a voucher through Little Bit; contact Roxanne Corridan for assistance.


If you are filling out the application on behalf of another adult, please select “Myself” to the question “Are you applying for yourself or your child?” Continue filling out application with only their information.

Applicants who receive SS/SSI/SSD should enter the amount in questions #106 Social Security Income and #601 Annual Income.

Scanning documents other than taxes: Click on “I haven’t done my taxes” under “Tax Scanner” and on the next screen follow directions to upload documents.

Cross out social security numbers and account numbers before submitting your documents.

Required Documents (if applicable):

  • 2018 completed tax returns, including all schedules

  • 2018 W-2(s)

  • 2018 Business Taxes and schedules


  • Child Support

  • Alimony/Maintenance


  • VA Benefits

  • Two most recent pay stubs from ALL employed family members

  • Renters agreement: for an independent adult applicant living with family members

  • Other state or local support

Information you will need to help complete your application:

  • Assets/Investments/Retirement information

  • Income information

  • Insurances/Utilities statements

  • Liabilities/loans/credit card statements

  • Medical expenses

  • Mortgage/rent information

  • Vehicle(s) information

Applications and all required documents must be received by FAST in order to process your application. Documents can be mailed or scanned to FAST.

Send applications and documents to:

Independent School Management 1316 North Union Street Wilmington, DE 19806

You can pick up an addressed envelope at Little Bit’s front office for your convenience.