Instructor Internship Opportunities

As part of Little Bit's mission to be an educational resource both regionally and nationally, we offer potential instructors an educational opportunity to prepare for the PATH Int’l Registered Level Certification through the Instructor Training Internship. An Instructor Intern will develop the necessary skills to teach riding lessons to people with disabilities and gain valuable hands-on experience to prepare for a career teaching therapeutic riding.

Please look through the documents below to determine if an internship at Little Bit is right for you!

Instructor Training Internship - Job Description

Riding Criteria for Interview Process

To apply to the Instructor Training Internship:

  1. Submit cover letter and resume to

  2. Submit at least three references (at least 1 riding reference).

  3. Have an interview – in person, over the phone or potentially both.

  4. Perform a riding evaluation at Little Bit (cost $75) or if applicable, submit a riding video to include all elements of registered instructor criteria (in link above). This is a Pass/Fail assessment for acceptance to our Internship Program.

  5. Teach a 30 min lesson to a staff member to assess teaching skill/experience.

  6. Complete knowledge and skill assessment written exam.

  7. Be able to meet all above requirements.

For questions regarding the Instructor Training Internship, please contact Instructor, Matney Cook.