The Horse Course

This class promotes confidence, body and behavioral awareness, following directions, sequencing and problem solving around horses, as well as focusing on establishing an animal and human bond. 

Length:            1-hour a week for four weeks. 

Participants:    Up to four people per class

Experience:     No horse experience is necessary 

Abilities:          All abilities welcome 

Cost:                $200

Topics will be selected from the following list based on participant interest and ability:

  • History of the Horse: evolution, breeds, colors, markings
  • Herd Behavior: hierarchy, communication methods
  • Confirmation: height and weight, parts of the horse, movement and analysis
  • Horse Care: grooming, bathing, clipping, mane pulling, braiding
  • Leading: leading techniques through obstacle courses, showmanship
  • Tack and Equipment: parts of the saddle and bridle, bits, pads, adaptive equipment, cleaning, saddle fitting
  • Lunging

Sign up today to learn more about how to handle and care for horses! Contact Adaptive Director Jessica McKenzie or call 425-882-1554.