Horse Care and Barn Management

Enjoy half a day learning what it takes to keep horses happy and healthy in a barn. This class promotes critical thinking, safety awareness, empathy, teamwork, responsibility, self-esteem, exercise and the satisfaction of caring for horses. 

Length:            3-hours (one-time)

Participants:    Up to four people per class

Experience:     No horse experience is necessary 

Abilities:          All abilities welcome 

Cost:                $100

Topics will be selected from the following list based on participant interest and ability:

  • Routine Vet Care: bandaging, vital statistics, signs of health and illness
  • Safety Hazards: horses, weather, environment, animals, people
  • Emergency Procedures: horse and environment, first-aid
  • Nutrition: feed, water, supplements
  • Paddock and Stall Cleaning: old hay, manure, standing water, dirty bedding, rocks
  • Barn Maintenance: safety checking stalls and paddocks
  • Farrier and hoof care

Sign up to learn about what goes on behind the scenes every day in the barn! Contact Equine Director Dana Richardson or call 425-882-1554.