Man in a red shirt and jeans petting a white horse with black markings and ears.

The Horse Course

This class promotes confidence, body and behavioral awareness, following directions, sequencing and problem solving around horses, as well as focusing on establishing an animal and human bond. 

Three volunteers standing next to a tan horse.

Horse Care and Barn Management

Enjoy half a day learning what it takes to keep horses happy and healthy in a barn. This class promotes critical thinking, safety awareness, empathy, teamwork, responsibility, self-esteem, exercise and the satisfaction of caring for horses. 


Spring Break and summer camps

Participants of all ages are welcome at Little Bit's Spring Break and Summer Camps. Over the course of four days, campers have the opportunity to practice their horsemanship skills both on and off the horse. All camps are open to our current clients, applicants on our wait list, current riders' siblings and riders without disabilities. 


Sibling horsemanship class

Summer Camp attendees standing around and petting a tan horse.

Sibling horsemanship class

Would you like to have YOUR turn to learn about horsemanship at Little Bit? We’re inviting all siblings to join us for four days of fun at the barn to learn everything you’ve wanted to know about horses and horse care! 

Please contact Melanie Renk to sign up for an equine activity.