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march 31st 2019

Our mission for The Margo O’Callaghan Memorial Dressage Show is to offer an opportunity for dressage riders with disabilities to showcase their skills. As the only dressage show specifically for riders with disabilities, it will enable riders at any therapeutic riding center (or riders with a ParaEquestrian classification) to compete against other riders with similar abilities and riding skills. Its is designed to be a professional, formal atmosphere with judges who are trained specifically for ParaEquestrian competition.

This show provides a venue for both riders who are still developing their dressage skills (and may still ride with assistance), as well as for the highly experienced riders looking to compete along side their peers, in a setting where all riders will be judged on their performance alone, regardless of ability or disability.

This show, established in 2007 and named in honor of Little Bit rider Margo O’Callaghan, is a way to capture the spirit of a woman who led the way for so many riders. Her life personified the Little Bit mission and inspired hundreds of riders both here and across the country to never give up. She was a teacher, therapeutic riding advocate and friend of all who knew her and the lived a life that inspired everyone around her to reach for their own dreams and see challenges as opportunities.

It is with great pride that we invite you to attend the 12th Annual Margo O’Callaghan Memorial Dressage Show.


Please review the show information provided on this page. When you are ready to register please click on the button below.

The closing date for entries is March 3rd 2019. For entries after this date please contact the Show Administrator.


Interested in supporting Little Bit and the dressage show? Sponsorship is $100 for all dressage classes and $75 or a Futures class. For sponsorship please contact the Show Administrator on 425 882 1554 or at JSlack@littlebit.org


FEI ParaEquestrian (PE) divisions are divided into five grades defined by the riders level of physical disability, not their skill level. ParaEquestrian Dressage is a nationally and internationally recognized sport, open to any rider with a classifiable disability.

Classification is carried out by a qualified physical therapist or physician trained in the profiling system. All riders competing in International or National ParaEquestrian competitions are required to be classified.  Classification of riders with a disability provides the means to ensure fair equestrian competition. Riders with a disability can present with a variety of impairments. The functional profile system used for classification enables the physical or sensory (vision) impairment of the rider to be expressed numerically. The profile is established by assessing muscle power, joint range or co-ordination of the rider, or the vision in the case of those with visual impairment.

Grade I - Athletes in Grade I have severe impairments affecting all limbs and trunk. The Athlete usually requires the use of a wheelchair. They may be able to walk with an unsteady gait. Trunk and balance are severely impaired.

Grade II - Athletes in Grade II have either a severe impairment of the trunk and minimal impairment of the upper limbs or moderate impairment of the trunk, upper and lower limbs. Most Athletes in this Grade use a wheelchair in daily life.

Grade III - Athletes in Grade III have severe impairments in both lower limbs with minimal or no impairment of the trunk or moderate impairment of the upper and lower limbs and trunk. Some Athletes in this Grade may use a wheelchair in daily life.

Grade IV - Athletes in Grade IV have a severe impairment or deficiency of both upper limbs or a moderate impairment of all four limbs or short stature. Athletes in Grade IV are able to walk and generally do not require a wheelchair in daily life. Grade IV also includes Athletes having a visual impairment equivalent to B1 with very low visual acuity and/or no light perception.

Grade V - Athletes in Grade V have a mild impairment of movement or muscle strength or a deficiency of one limb or mild deficiency of two limbs. Grade V also includes Athletes with visual impairment equivalent to B2 with a higher visual acuity than visually impaired Athletes competing in Grade IV and/or a visual field of less than 5 degrees radius.

United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) Tests are divided into Training through Fourth levels, consisting of walk, trot, canter tests with lateral work. This Level is based on the rider’s skill,  irrespective of their level or type of disability.

United States Dressage Federation Tests (Introductory Levels) are for riders new to Dressage, Intro A and B are walk and trot only, Intro C includes beginning canter work.   This Level is based on the rider’s skill, irrespective of their level or type of disability. These tests may be ridden with assistance (leaders and sidewalkers) if required by the rider (at this show).

Futures Divisions are for those riders who are new to dressage, and are learning the basics of riding a test-like pattern with accuracy and effectiveness of aids (Thank you to Gloria Hamblin of CALNET for use of the Futures Tests).  Futures Tests may be ridden with assistants (leaders and sidewalkers) if required by the rider.

Little Bit Tests Divisions are for those riders who are new to dressage, and are learning the basics of riding a test-like pattern with accuracy and effectiveness of aids , created by our staff to provide more options for immerging dressage riders. Little Bit Tests may be ridden with assistants (leaders and sidewalkers) if required by the rider.

Drill Team showcases a group of riders performing a synchronized pre-set pattern.


If you are a Little Bit Rider and are unsure which class to enter, there is an option on the Registration Form to allow your Little Bit Instructor to select your class.

  1. FEI PE Grade I Test of Choice

  2. FEI PE Grade II Test of Choice

  3. FEI PE Grade III Test of Choice

  4. FEI PE Grade IV Test of Choice

  5. FEI PE Grade V Test of Choice

  6. USDF Intro Test A

  7. USDF Intro Test B

  8. USDF Intro Test C

  9. USEF Training Level Test of Choice

  10. USEF First Level Test of Choice

  11. USEF Second Level Test of Choice

  12. Futures Walk only

  13. Futures Walk/Trot

  14. Little Bit Test Walk Only

  15. Little Bit Test Walk/Trot

  16. Musical Freestyle - all levels


Each Little Bit horse can only be scheduled for a maximum of 6 tests for this Show. Instructors will assign horses on a case by case basis, meaning existing Little Bit riders may not be assigned your current horse.

Riders may sign up for a maximum of 2 classes.

Classes maybe scheduled in a different order from that listed above. Times will be included with your registration confirmation.

Non-Little Bit Horses will not be allowed unless associated with another therapeutic riding center and must be approved ahead of time by the Little Bit Head Instructor and Barn Manager. Please contact the show administrator for information. A stabling fee of $35 will be charged. All horses must have proof of vaccinations including Eastern and Western Equine Encephalomyelitis, West Nile Virus, Equine Influenza and Equine Herpesvirus (Rhinopneumonitis), and a Negative coggins test issued within 6 months of the show date. A stabling form must be completed for all non-Little Bit horses.

Non-Little Bit Riders will be required to sign and accept the Little Bit Waiver and Liability Release and Emergency Medical Consent forms located here before being allowed to participate in the show. These can be completed and mailed to Little Bit or provided on the day of the show.

Registration is not complete until payment is received. Payment can be made by credit/debit card on the online form or by calling 425 882 1554. Payment by check can be made at the Little Bit front desk or by mail. Checks must be received before the closing date. Cash payment can be taken at the Little Bit front desk before the closing date.

Registrations submitted after the closing date will be processed at the discretion of the Show Manager.

Cancellations for the show received prior to the closing date will incur a $20 cancellation fee. Cancellations received after the closing date will not be refunded.

Photo release

All participants should read and review the Photo Release Form located here, you will be asked to accept or reject the content of this form within the registration form.

questions and queries

Please contact the Show Administrator at 425 882 1554 or JSlack@littlebit.org with any questions or queries.