2019 Adaptive Rider Registration is Closed

Information on our calendar, payment plans and due dates can be found through the buttons below.

If you are not registered for Little Bit in 2019 and are interested in becoming a Little Bit rider, please click here to complete our Intake Questionnaire.

EMERGENCY medical treatment consent forms

We are in the process of updating our Emergency Medical Treatment Consent Forms. Please help us to complete our records by filling out the form by clicking on the button below.

The Emergency Medical Treatment Consent Forms contain a question which ask if the Little Bit participant has a medical condition requiring rescue intervention. If the answer to that question is YES and rescue medication may be required, please complete the Rescue Intervention Form.

Tier Payments

Little Bit provides discounted lesson rates to our families, at approximately 75% of our total cost, with the help of subsidies proved by our generous donors, fundraisers and grants. The tired tuition structure lets participants select the tier that is most appropriate for their household financial needs, and allows participants to opt to pay a more substantial portion of the actual cost of tuition. Tier 1 represents the actual cost of adaptive riding without any subsidies. Tiers 2, 3 and 4 are partially subsidized. The choice of a tier is completely voluntary.

Refund Policy

If a rider cancels prior to the start of classes, full tuition, minus a $50 administrative fee, is refunded. Refunds are not offered once classes have begun, except for unplanned medical necessity with a doctor’s note. Little Bit will credit the rider’s account for cancellations that we are responsible for, not including weather or “Acts of God.” When an unmounted lesson is offered as an alternative to a mounted lesson and a rider decides not to attend, a refund will not be given.